Sucua city Ecuador


                                                (833 masl, 18 318 inhabitants)
Sucúa is a small transition city between the hectic city of Macas and the jungle. Macas is located 18 km north of Sucúa.
The Upano and Tutanangoza rivers cross the Canton. The average annual temperature is around 21 C and is characterized by typical rainfall of the Amazonian regime, especially in the month of December.
In Sucúa you can visit the Kintia Panki Waterfalls 6.5 km from the city center, the path is easy and you can see three waterfalls. In the community of Kumpas are the Umpuankas River Cascades (16.5 km from Sucúa). For lovers of canyoning the Luzcelinda Waterfalls are recommended 15 km from the city. From the Mirador de Piura you can see the city and the Upano River Valley.
On the website of the Municipality of Sucúa there is a virtual tour of the city center:


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