Santa Marianita beach near Manta


                                                (15Km from Manta, Kitesurfing from $15)
Santa Marianita beach is the most popular place in Ecuador for kitesurfing. Only 30 minutes from Manta, Santa Marianita beach offers calm and warm water in a big sandy white beach. There are tents ($2 per day) at the beach for renting where you can rest and enjoy the beach. Also there are plenty of hostels which provides kitesurfing rent and lessons.

It is a big beach that is connected to Tiñosa beach at the north. In the joint, there is a rock formation where you can enjoy the 230 degrees view of the Pacific Ocean. Likewise, you can keep going to the north towards Tiñosa beach where you can enjoy small lagoons formed by the sea. It is ideally for children.

There is strong and constan wind perfect for Kitesurfing. There are hostels and tourist operators which can provide Kitesurfing lesson (2 hours, $65; 8 hours, $280). Also, they rent the equipment for Kitesurfing ($15 per hour). The equipment includes a harness that is attached to the waist, a life jacket, a board similar to a surfboard, and a large controllable kite.

16Km from Manta ($1, share taxi)

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