San Rafael waterfall in Cayambe Coca National park


                                                (160 meters fall, 14 meter wide)

San Rafael waterfall is the highest waterfall in Ecuador with 160 m of free water fall and 14 m wide. It is located 160Km from Quito in the Coca-Cayambe National Park. The entrance is free but you can not reach the bottom because there is not pathway. Thus, you can watch the waterfall from a lookout some hundreds of meters away.

There is located in the zone limit of Napo and Sucumbio Provinces. The control point (entrance) is located 600 meters from the road Quito - Lago Agrio (Nueva Loja). In the control point you can get bathrooms and information. From the control point, there is a unique pathway around 1.5Km to reach the lookout. You will need around 20 - 30 min and it is necessary around 1 hour to go and come back.

San Rafael waterfall is close to Reventador volcano. From the entrance point, you can observe the always active volcano in a clear day. Th

160Km Via Quito - Lago Agrio
                                                                Todo el año de 8am a 5pm

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