Panecillo hill


                                                Height (3035 meters above sea level)
El Panecillo, a hill that is located in the center of Colonial Quito and that from its position gives us a unique view of the city.

For Quito it represents the division between the north and south of the city. When visiting it we can find on the top the Virgin of Quito that was built in 1976. This sculpture has 45 m. of high and is a large-scale copy of the sculpture of the Virgin of Quito by Bernardo de Legarda, which is displayed on the main altar of the church of San Francisco. You can climb inside to get an even more spectacular view of the city.

Among the options mentioned to visit at the top of Panecillo, you will also find traditional food, restaurants, handicrafts, playgrounds for children, as well as parking.

It is recommended to wear warm clothing, at night it is better to go in a group and not walk down to the road.

                                                                9h00 y las 18h00 de lunes a viernes, los sábados y domingos de 9h00 a 17h00.

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