Otavalo city Ecuador


                                                Otavalo has been declared as "Intercultural Capital of Ecuador" for being a city with enormous potential in several aspects, possessing a scenic charm, cultural richness, history and commercial development. This Andean valley is home to the indigenous Kichwa ethnic group of the Otavalos, famous for their textile and commercial skills, characteristics that have given rise to the largest indigenous artisanal market in South America. The Plaza de Ponchos or Plaza Centenerio, the largest colorful handicraft market in South America, is a meeting place where people from all over the world come to admire the diversity and craftsmanship and commercial skills.

Among the most popular attractions are:

Handicrafts Fair: The handicraft fair of Otavalo is the most famous in Ecuador. Here they offer everything from wool ponchos and tapestries to Panama hats. In almost all regions there are handicrafts such as: De Montecristi, Jipijapa and Cuenca the beautiful Panama hats. The woolen fabrics of the nearby villages of Otavalo, San Pablo, Esperanza leather clothing, Cotacachi pottery, Salasaca handicrafts, kitchenware and shoes, etc. Apart from the craft fair there is an early morning cattle fair. The surroundings of Otavalo invite to different excursions.

San Pablo Lake: The largest lake in the province. The Indians go out to fish early in the morning in their straw canoes, and also take a bath and wash their clothes during the day in its waters. The lake is surrounded by hostels, farms and restaurants where you can spend one or a couple of days of pure entertainment and fun. You can also hire the services of a boat that will take you around the lake.

Parque del Cóndor: In a magical place, at the summit of Curiloma, with one of the most imposing landscapes of the Ecuadorian Andes, is this refuge of fauna and flora and the educational park, which is the habitat of the majestic condor of the Andes (Vultur gryphus) and other vultures. Only 4.5 km from Otavalo, the Parque del Cóndor is located. This 30-acre park is run by a foundation dedicated to the rescue of predatory birds such as hawks, eagles, vultures and owls. The park is unique for several reasons. It is located on a hill, called by the local people "Pukara Alto", an energetic center since pre-Columbian times, where ruins of a pre-Inca religious temple remain.


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