Mindo waterfalls santuary


                                                ($ 5, Mindo)
Mindo waterfall sanctuary is a private complex consisting of 7 natural waterfalls. To access the place you have to go through a $ 5 cableway ($ 3 for the entry and $ 2 for the tarabita).) About 500 meters long above a wonderful forest. Once at the other end of the cableway (tarabita), you start to walk along fabulous trails full of native flora and fauna. Mindo waterfalls hike is one of the most scenic with gorges butterflies.

Mindo cloud forest in its maximum splendor will show you a great number of butterflies and orchids that stand out for all the water in the waterfalls. There is moss and endemic plants with diverse unique forms of the region that house birds and insects of various colors.

In order to reach the 7 waterfalls it is necessary to walk around 5 hours on marked trails that demand a medium level. After passing through the tarabita, an hour away is the largest of all the "Reina waterfall" (15 meters). Then you return to the same starting point. In the other direction of the path appear the other 6 waterfalls at almost 15 minutes of difference between one and another. First there is Nambillo waterfall  (12 meters), then the Ondinas waterfall, followed by the Guarumos waterfall, the Colibrí waterfall, the Madre waterfall and finally the Maderos waterfall. None is particularly large but they have a rewarding landscape and in all of them you can take a good dip of pure water that refreshes the walk. Return to the same starting point to take the tarabita back and return to Mindo.

Km 4 Via a las Cascadas
                                                                Lunes a Domingo 8am a 5pm
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Price from: 5
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