Machalilla National park - Ecuador


                                                This park is one of the first protected areas in the country. Your early statement, in 1979, it reveals that already in the beginning of the national system of protected areas of Ecuador recognized the importance of the zone and the urgency to protect its ecosystems: the dry and semi-dry forests, and the marine environments-coastal of the south of Manabí. Its name comes from the Machalilla culture, one of the most important pre-hispanic cultures of the Littoral region, which inhabited this area for 800 years (1800 BC – 1000 c).

Inside the park and in the surrounding areas there are archeological sites of several cultures, from Valdivia more than 5 thousand years ago, to the Manteño-Huancavilca culture, 500 years ago.

It is a park full of evidence of the ancient inhabitants of Manabí. The protected area includes beaches, several islets close to the coastline such as the city, bread oven, sucre, Pedernales and El Hat, and also the famous island of La Plata.


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