Jumandy Caves


                                                ($3, 1 hour, 8AM-5PM)
The cavern of Jumandy is an extraordinary cavern where a small river passes. They are called Jumandy in honor of a cacique of the community of Quijos who led a rebellion against Spanish colonization in the sixteenth century. The caverns are located in a tourist complex that takes advantage of the water that comes out of the cavern to use it in swimming pools and water distractions. Currently the complex is under renovation (January / 2017).

The caverns are at the end of the tourist complex. It consists of several kilometers of cavern with some internal derivations. There are two routes. The tours are guided by indigenous people from the Kichwa community (formerly Quijos community) who are the ones who manage the place. They give you a flashlight for your head which is not waterproof. They also rent rain boots ($ 1 per pair of boots). The routes start at the complex but end at another point, so you must walk back for a few minutes on a path. It is prohibited to take photos inside the cavern.

The first route is the most common lasts from 45 min to 1 hour. The value of 1 to 5 people is $ 15 and $ 3 for each extra person. Normally if you go alone, you wait until more people arrive at least 5 people in order to only pay the $ 3 per person. It has been reported that on weekends there are long queues in high season.

The second route is somewhat more elaborate and you need to book at least the day before and start early in the morning. The tour goes through the entire cavern for around 5 hours. It costs around $ 60 and it takes 12 people ($ 5 per person).

During the tours in the cavern you literally go down a river so you are ready to go completely wet from the place. There are some points formed by stalagmites and stalagmites. The guides are showing these points that call them: a giant cauliflower, chunk of the devil or penis, there is a descent where the mud is. However the most beautiful point is a small waterfall. This waterfall has 4 wells up to 4 meters deep where you are invited to immerse yourself and feel the power of the purification waterfall. It is said that the Shamans do and / or do their ceremonies in this waterfall.

                                                                8AM - 5PM
Rate USD $
Price from: 3
Price to: 15

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