Hiking Pita waterfall



($ 3 admission, $ 2 parking, 3 hours of walking, 8 am-5pm)
A spectacular walk to the great waterfall of Pita where you can enjoy pure air just 70 minutes from #Quito. The walk lasts approximately 3 hours on the banks of the Pita River. On the way you can see the native nature of the sector, birds and primary forest in the middle of two large rocks where the Pita river flows. On the walk you pass through some small waterfalls that will refresh the day and are perfect for a good swim.

In the private complex there are other activities that can be enjoyed. They have a tarabita ($ 2 one way) that will shorten your journey around 60 minutes to the waterfall. They also have a Tibetan bridge ($ 5), fishing, canoping ($ 5), camping ($ 5 per person), horseback riding ($ 5, 15 min), restaurant ($ 6 per plate), green areas with sports fields and recreations for children.

How to get to the Pita River from Quito

By BUS: Take a bus from the Marco Polo company in Playón de la Marín ($ 0.45, 90 min) to Cashapamba. From there you can take a van ($ 10, 25 min) or you will find an information point where you can organize a van with several people ($ 2 per person).


                                                                8am - 5pm
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Price from: 3
Price to: 3

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