Guayaquil city Ecuador


                                                The "Pearl of the Pacific", as it is known, is the economic axis of Ecuador, its financial capital and the city with the largest number of inhabitants. For its location is the largest entrance of Ecuador: the Gulf of Guayaquil and on the banks of the Rio Guayas, became, soon to be founded, in a port and shipyard of first, becoming not only the most important of the country, but one of the main ones of the South Pacific.

Over the years it has continued with its commercial tradition, and currently in a fundamentally economic process, betting on tourism, reflecting in the changes in the ornament of the city, with an improvement in the self-esteem of the citizens, has been a process that has taken years, since the last two municipal administrations. Guayaquil has developed in this way a national and international tourist destination, hosting fairs and international events.

The downtown area of the city of Guayaquil is one of the most important places for national and foreign tourism, as it is the oldest and most colonial. The area of Malecón 2000 is of great tourist interest and is close to the centre. The point is the largest building in Guayaquil and the country. The neighborhood "Las Peñas" is another site of interest, has 444 steps approximately and ends with a viewpoint where you can see the view of the city.


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