Esmeraldas province Ecuador


                                                The province of Esmeraldas, located in the geographical area known as coastal region or coast. Its capital is the city of Esmeraldas, which is its largest and most populated metropolis.

It is one of the most important administrative, economic, financial and commercial centers of Ecuador. The main activities of the province are trade, livestock, industry and agriculture. A large part of its economy depends on the export of shrimp and bananas. Cocoa, tobacco and coffee are also produced. Fishing, the petrochemical industry and tourism are important. It has handicrafts of black coral carving, tree cloth (Damahagua), Rampíra basketry and musical instruments.

Its main attraction is its shores-especially the beaches of the south sector-as well as its ecological reserves-such as the Ecologic reserve Cayapas Matala, to the north.-; All this makes the province one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country, enjoying most of the provincial territory of a favorable temperature throughout the year.

They stand out Atacames, famous for the "Coco Loco" which is a typical beverage made with coconut water, and its handicrafts in black and red coral; Same, an area of large palms that extends through serene and blue waters; Muisne, with pristine beaches of warm sand inhabited by red crabs in the midst of a tropical environment; Quinindé, with vast African palms and guadúa cane houses; and Tonsupa, where it is beautiful to watch the sunsets.


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