Border Ecuador-Peru por Guayaquil-Huaquillas-Zarumilla-Tumbes-Mancora


                                                (24 hours open, 8 hours, from $ 25)
The border crossing through Huaquillas-Tumbes is the most popular and fastest of the three passes between Ecuador and Peru. In recent years, the two countries have improved the border crossing services in such a way that the exit from one country to the other is made in the same building. With modern facilities, the migration building to go from Ecuador to Peru is on the Peruvian side and the migration building from Peru to Ecuador is on the Ecuadorian side. In summary in a single building are the two rows for migration.

The fastest and most direct way is to take a bus from Guayaquil to Mancora and vice versa, which are around $ 40 = 130 soles, 8 hours. They stop at the border crossing and wait until all passengers make a migration to continue to their destination. The service is more expensive if you do it by parties but you save time and avoid any common fraud at the border.

The second way is more economical doing it in parts. Take a bus from Guayaquil to Huaquillas ($ 5.5, 4.5 hours, 250Km). Then take a taxi from Huaquillas to the border pass that is in Peru ($ 5, 13min, 9Km). After making the exit papers from Ecuador and entering Peru take a taxi to Zarumilla ($ 3.10 min, 5Km) and from there a bus to Tumbes ($ 1.25 = 4 suns, 30 min, 20Km). Finally, from Tumbes to Mancora you can take a bus for $ 11 = 35 soles, 2 hours, 108Km). In summary you can save a few dollars but you have more risk and there are many scammers at the border.

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