Baños de Agua Santa


                                                (1820 masl, 15000 inhabitants)
Baños de Agua Santa Ecuador is a small town in the Andes mountain range that lies on the slopes of the active Tungurahua volcano. According to the legend the Virgin arrived and blessed the coat that can be seen from any point of the city in the back. Since then the city is devoted to the Virgin of Holy Water. She is credited with several miracles and pilgrims from many cities make long walks to pay tribute. The Virgin of Holy Water is the protector of the city, the church is consecrated in its name and according to the believers it is the one that has protected the city for centuries from the continuous eruptions of the Tungurahua Volcano.
Baños is the adventure capital of Ecuador and welcomes many local and foreign tourists. Its streets are full of hotels, restaurants, crafts and travel agencies. With a temperate climate, it is the main gateway to the Amazon with many options for outdoor activities and tours to the jungle.
Bathrooms offers a great variety of extreme sports. Next to the city the Pastaza river has ideal rapids for rafting with levels of III, IV, V. Likewise, the canoping is very varied with several points around the city. Also very popular is the canyoning, bungee jumping, climbing, downhill,
Its main delight is a sweet made from kneading cane juice together with other ingredients until a very sweet and tasty consistency called "mercocha" is created. Likewise, you can find peeled cane to chew or take sugar cane juice with liquor. There are many places to enjoy it but it is recommended to find a place where it is fresh or do it at that time.


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